Hey, I'm Sina Helmke.

I am a conscious entrepreneur, Co-Founder of 4ChangeMakers, podcast host, a witch, and a wild woman who is changing the world by using business as a force for good, inspiring female leaders to tap into their full power, and helping entrepreneurs reconnect with nature and her wisdom.

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The single most powerful weapon a woman has is her voice and too many of us still don't feel comfortable sharing it. I know that because I feel the same. But I decided to break this pattern.

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Conscious Entrepreneurship

conscious entrepreneurship

Learn how to combine mindfulness, spirituality and entrepreneurship to create lasting positive change.

Wild Feminine Power

feminine energy

Every woman is a witch and a goddess with tremendous power. Explore how to master your unique abilities.

Natural Health Remedies

natural health

We are all holistic beings. Find out how to tap into your full power by living in harmony and alignment with nature.

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